CSR has been around since the 1970’s. It’s no new concept. However, AMOR-LC recognises the growing importance and increasing pressure on medium to large size companies in particular, to deliver.

But what’s saying it ought to stop there?

Why shouldn’t smaller Employers be equally aware of the positive impact they can have on the workplace? Associated cost-savings [e.g less absenteeism + staff retention] will work in any Accountant’s bottom line.

Physical fitness and more recently, mental wellbeing, are well-documented at the forefront of CSR. In laymen terms it means looking after employees: Keep them healthy and happy = greater productivity.

It really can be that simple – but it might require the skills of a highly experienced professional to work the magic! AMOR-LC has been applying this art for years, often using some most basic and affordable methods.

Since relocating from Mallorca to the UK in 2009, AMOR-LC has teamed up with a whole range of businesses: From blue-chip organisations with extravagant budgets to smaller companies trading in and around London who simply want to express and pass on a little love and appreciation to their Staff.

Whatever your business model, we can work with and around your ideas…

“From The Heart!”


The Options will need to be discussed before tailoring to individual needs and your company’s budget. A few ideas worth considering may include:

  • Behavioural Change + Nutrition & Weight Management Workshops

    AMOR-LC’s workshops [small groups and larger seminars both available] first identify then assess and address the handling of both individual and company cultural changes through any industry, any line of work.

    ‘Healthy competition’ and ‘Lifestyle Maintenance Plans’ [two little gems that have worked so well for us over the years!] subtly incorporate the most powerful team-building understanding, ensuring group collaboration in line with any core values of the business.

  • The Superstars Challenge – presented by TRIPLE J Events

    Inter-Department, Inter-Site or put your company up against other companies / subcontractors / suppliers etc…


    By integrating departments from the Office, factory or Site – whatever the case may be – this has often been an excuse for a finely-tuned social gathering with underlying purpose to the day. Some companies request Superstars as a bi-annual or ‘quarterly’ Event; such is the fun-factor!


  • Lifestyle Coaching [for Executives all the way through the hierarchy]

    Targets self-belief & self-esteem + Life-enhancing Awareness [LeA] skills.

  • Couch to Any-K

    A comprehensive 12-24 Week Running Programme, making the impossible possible. Presented by AMOR Running Club

    “In it 4 the LONG run”

“Be a part of it…”


We offer Services in the comfort of your own premises or you can visit the legendary home of AMOR-LC at our Sports & Social Club in Ware, Herts.

We proudly boast a functional riverside facility to work with your Team inside or out. AMOR-HQ offers the space to hold indoor gatherings for 150+ guests as well as the scope for coaching and catering for hundreds, outdoors.

Refreshments available throughout the day / night – please email with questions or ideas you wish to discuss.

Greater Productivity + Staff Retention + Reduced Sick Pay

+ Nutrition Advice + Stress Management + Superstars Challenge

Alternatively, please contact the office on 01920 660 121

“From The Heart!”