A trip down Memory Lane

by Jim Wright – Lifestyle Coach, Business Founder and Fitness Guru

It’s March 2020 and it’s taken me the large part of a decade to rewrite my online hub of all things AMOR-LC; in a way that’s designed to be personal as well as informative and educational for the wider audience.

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Jimmy’s Timeline of AMOR-Visions

2002: To conquer the World of Health & Fitness!

2009: To set up a full time base in East Herts & West Essex, UK.

2020: To fulfil my calling, to deliver my ‘gift’ whilst leaving a legacy for my son.

As has been the case from the very beginning, my inspiration for scripting this website will be drawn from my father in Mallorca and my good friend Stephen Schembri, down in Melbourne, Australia.

Dad is a former local, amateur Boxing Champ, a successful businessman and generally a top bloke… Steve-o is a former Bodybuilding Champion, a successful businessman and also a top bloke. They continue to guide me.

And so, as inspiration is drawn from an older generation, my motivation comes from a younger source… My son, my love: Jesse James John – also known as TRIPLE J!

It’s with this foundation we present a website that’s so real and so true to the Business Ethos of both AMOR Lifestyle Coaching and TRIPLE J Events

“From The Heart!”

A website true to the principles of AMOR-LC

“From The Heart!”

A website true to the principles of TRIPLE J Events

“From The Soul!”

Be a part of it…

Business Ethos of

“To create an uplifting culture that supports good health; and encourages a community to join forces for an improved way of life…”

“From The Heart!”


Come try out JW’s legendary Box’N’Ride and ‘Box’N’Tone. Sure to get the heart pumping, the adrenalin flowing and the body sculpted!

Mallorca Fitness
& Relaxation

An amazing 4-day Mallorca retreat! One thing everybody should try. As individuals, a group or a company. IT’S THIS… “Desde El Corazon!”

Corporate Social

Teambuilding + Behavioural & Cultural Change + Superstars Challenge. Bespoke packages available suitable for any business!

Small Group

Far better than traditional PT in our opinion at a fraction of the cost! Minimum 3 buddies, max. 6-7 [occasionally 8] at a time to suit YOU!

It’s been some journey since the days of wanting to conquer the World of Health & Fitness; yet I don’t dare to concede the original dream may not happen, as I have an underlying faith that guarantees I’m always ready for any unexpected opportunities that may come our way.

Please allow me to share my story:

It’s a sunny Spring morning and I’ve checked myself into the historic Hamels Mansion, Hamels Park. The site dates back to the 1500’s as mentioned in the Domesday Book – only a matter of minutes up the A10 from my current HQ in Ware – it’s peaceful, my desk overlooks a beautiful golf course with muntjac and pheasant frequenting my bay-window view.

It’s the perfect setting for the next couple of days to write my piece, adding a modern forum with social media for future business growth.

When I started out in Mallorca, I was privileged enough that Mum and Dad purchased a ‘locale’ for me just outside Palma, Mallorca. Dad being a former tradesman converted the unit into a private Studio for me.

Needless to say the usual perks of renting from parents applied: “Jimmy, don’t be silly… Start paying us rent once you’re earning…” – The only problem: I was clueless and didn’t know HOW to earn! I mean, I knew what I wanted to achieve, but I knew very little about business…

And it wasn’t until my friend, Dr Gary Mendoza [who had a wealth of experience in the industry] came over to run a Nutrition & Weight Management presentation for me; he quite frankly told me:

“Jimbo. This ain’t gonna last! All very well Mum and Dad not charging you rent, but you’re charging people 50 Euros a month when you should be charging them 50 euros an hour!” 

With that, I lost my bottle. And not long after, I returned to the UK. I wasn’t in it for the money, I didn’t need any money. And for sure I didn’t like asking for money, let alone the kind of rates Gary was talking about!

I went back to Quantity Surveying. I’d studied this at Uni. It still involved chasing ‘dollar’, but it felt more like numbers. It seemed an easier option – but it wasn’t a passion. My gusto was part time, Personal Training.

By 2009, slightly wiser than before, I’d set up full time as AMOR-LC, UK. I put my mortgage on hold for 6 months and went for it; my last chance before any thoughts of settling down with a family. It didn’t quite work out as planned, yet I knew the end-goal wasn’t too far away.

Somehow managing to suspend the mortgage a further 3 months, I was lucky enough to secure my first Corporate Wellbeing contract with The John Lewis Partnership in Welwyn, in London and in Stevenage!

It wasn’t as though I’d won the jackpot, but it felt pretty good as a small business to be involved with such a high-profile organisation. Again, as much as the platform was great, it still wasn’t ticking ALL the boxes.

I wanted and needed to see these people more than once a week. I saw lifestyles that were [very] unhealthy. Yet I wasn’t able to give them ‘my all’ because the Corporate World couldn’t accommodate that easily.

Whilst flying the corporate flag high and mighty via a few press releases, I realised it was the local populace that might benefit most. So I hired a couple of village halls, found a local park and trained people in Groups. The Classes were nothing special, but the atmosphere was bang on!

And so, the REAL Jimmy Wright could now, finally get to work: Nurturing peak-performances from School-Mums in the mornings; then much of the same for those who could only train at my Evening / Weekend Classes.

Numbers soon grew and times were buzzing. It was energetic and fun for everyone. But again, a problem: I thought they were paying too much!

“Ladies. Please, give me time. I want to halve what you pay each month.”

These Mums could afford £80-£105 per month, but it didn’t sit right with me, despite receiving a certain Mrs. Dixon’s comforting compliment:

“Jim, honestly, please don’t worry about it. We value your service…”

A couple of years later, as Group Classes continued to grow, I took the plunge – by committing to a full Timetable of Classes I was able to slash sign up fees to £40-£50 a month. I was content now, if not so cash-rich!

My son was born in 2013. And during Jesse’s early years we saw the birth of TRIPLE J Events & Activity Breaks. JJJ’s future, should he wish to follow in Daddy’s footsteps, was setting up well… Only time will tell if he chooses exploring the World over working with an old man – his Old Man!

Between 2015 and 2018 the businesses had ticked along nicely, without too much effort. They were stable. But 2019 soon identified both AMOR-LC and TRIPLE J were nowhere near fulfilling their potential.

Therefore, with a reliable and trustworthy Assistant now on board, the future is bright. We strive to hit challenging, yet rewarding 5-year targets to improve business whilst striving to offer further benefits to the masses.

As always, we shall follow the core business principles…

“From The Heart!”

“Share The Love”

What People Are Saying

Jimmy does seem to have a gift for making every single trip unique and special in its own right.


Jimmy does seem to have a gift for making every single trip unique and special in its own right.

Sierray Williams

Jimmy does seem to have a gift for making every single trip unique and special in its own right.

Alex Haysman