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Pedometers with 12-week activity programme


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Unique multifunctional pocket GPS; pocket size & super lightweight

Easy TRAXX Pocket GPS

This super lightweight and small Pocket GPS is SIMPLE to use.
Intuitively gather waypoints; find target points set with GOOGLE-MAP? and easily track back to
your starting point.
All of this and much more (like measuring your speed) you can do with this handy instrument.

The set includes Easy Traxx Pocket GPS; CD software which is GOOGLE-MAP? compatible (in English) and USB cable.

  • TRACKING of your hiking / jogging path
    Automatically records your path up to 500 waypoints.
    You can use this  path to trace back to your starting point or to upload the route to your  PC.
    You can watch; edit or share your recorded path with GOOGLE-MAP?.
  • NAVIGATION (Trace back or head for destination point)
    After you have recorded your path; Easy Traxx can trace back to your starting point.
    Likewise you can plan a route or path with the software in GOOGLE-MAP?.
    After download with your USB cable; the Pocket GPS will guide you to your
    destination point.
  • GPS pedometer with calorie consumption
  • GPS speedometer (speed; distance; altitude; time and memory)
  • Digital compass
  • Stopwatch function
  • Clock function
  • Info longitude & latitude
  • CO2 Offset
  • Switchable between KM and Miles
  • Outdoor silicon cap with carabiner
  • Bike mounting kit
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 22 hours)
  • GOOGLE-MAP? compatible software (in German & English)
  • Quick-Guide Handbook in DE / ENG / SK / CZ


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