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AMOR Group Fitness Training Classes

Group Fitness Classes at AMOR-LC really are like no other…

You only need see one of our testimonials to appreciate the passion and sincerity of our Clients. And it is these same Group Fitness Classes that consolidate our reputation as your friendly, reliable Health & Fitness Provider.

There is no way on Earth (in our opinion) that you can go through a long-term Training Programme on your own. However, if you do, results will be nowhere near what you can achieve if you are able to work with others.

Type of Group Classes Available

  • Hatton Boxing for Fitness
  • Circuit Training - Indoors & out!
  • Zumba (Latin Dance)
  • Legs, Bums & Tums
  • Core Stability, Yoga & Pilates
  • Boot Camps... Rain or shine!
  • Nutrition Classes / Seminars

Remember your first visit to any of our classes is free so you can get a taster and see if you like it. We're certain you will.



Nearly every one of us is inspired, supported and have reason to take on the challenges of life; so why break those rules with any exercise plan?

 AMOR-LC has a secret formula that is the envy of all our competition, and it is with pride that we continue to develop to stay ahead of the field.

What does it cost?

We typically run small groups of up to 9 people and there are no membership costs. You can turn up for just one session or book a bundle of sessions to save some money.

Remember your first visit to any of our classes is free so you can get a taster and see if you like it. We're certain you will.

  • Single Classes cost £8.00 per session
  • Book a bundle for 4 sessions for just £30 (only £7.50 per session)
  • Book a bundle of 6 sessions for just £42  (just £7.00 per session)

Some of our classes are taught in larger groups for that extra 'buzz' and sessions can cost from as little as £5

If you would like to secure a place in any of our group classes, complete the short form on the right and we'll get in touch to confirm.

You can also pay by Direct Debit if you are prefer not to worry about remembering to bring cash on the night.

Prices & How to Pay

Group Fitness Classes are charged at a £7.50 per session.

Zumba Classes are just £5 per session.

Sessions run for 45-90 mins. The majority last approximately 60 minutes.

We accept cash only for payment at the class

For the person who is serious about getting fitter or changing their lifestyle habits for the better; our Monthly Membership option. This costs just £49.99* and includes ALL Classes on our Timetable... This really is exceptional value for money.

 * There is a £5 surcharge for late payments, those received after the 5th of the month.

 For a straight-forward Direct Debit option click here and follow the 5 simple steps(?)

Block Bookings

This is another way of making considerable cost-savings whilst earning yourself FREE Personal Training session(s) too... Way to go!

  • For 3 months you pay just £149.99 and earn X1 PT worth £39.99!
  • For 6 months you pay just £249.99 and earn X2 PT worth £79.99!
  • For 9 months you pay just £349.99 and earn X3 PT worth £119.99!