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Events & Activity Breaks

Events with AMOR LC

Not just content with exclusive Health & Fitness Studios in Mallorca and England, our AMOR-LC brand is slowly reaching across the UK, encouraging and endorsing an art: Having fun whilst keeping in shape!

Throughout the year we run events both in the UK and abroad. Please read on to learn more about some of the events we arrange and we'd love you to get involved too!

Four Seasons


By booking any one of our Four Seasons Events, you'll be sure to get the blood pumping and return home with a smile on your face!

Sarah and Jim are currently planning a trip to conquer Mount Aconcagua, Argentina during the latter part of 2011!

If you would like to join us on any one of our Four Seasons Events / Activities, simply click here to register your details.

AMOR-LC Achievements

We practice what we preach and continually to work and improve our personal fitness and achievements by taking part in challenges all over the globe. Some of our achievements can be seen below.

  • 3 Peaks Challenge / Munros
  • Olympic Windsor Triathlon / Salford Sprint, ITU World Cup
  • London / New York Marathons
  • Great North & Great South Runs
  • Mont Blanc / Kilamanjaro / Fox Glacier / Himalayas / Mt Fuji
  • Scuba / Sky Diving Worldwide
  • Hawaii surfing