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Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR has been around since the 1970's. It's not a new concept. However, it appears to be increasingly more significant within medium to large size companies of the modern-day era.

But what's to say it need stop there? Why shouldn't smaller employers be equally aware of the positive impact you can have on your workplace? And not forgetting the cost-savings you can work into your bottom line.

Physical fitness and mental wellbeing are well-documented at the forefront of CSR. In laymen terms it means looking after your employees: Keep them healthy; keep them happy; and enhance their productivity.

 It really can be that simple! We have seen it time and time again, sometimes by simply organizing one of our team-building days.



For several years AMOR-LC has been working with a whole range of businesses through the UK from blue-chip organisations with dedicated funding to smaller companies trading in and around the City of London. Whatever your business model, we can work with or around your ideas.


What does a package include:

Each package is tailored to suit each individual business. Below are some popular choices our client current clientele enjoy:

  • Healthy Competition exercises - promotes teambuilding and collaborative working
  • Circuit Training, Boxing for Fitness + other group classes:
  • Lifestyle Coaching - improving individuals' sense of wellbeing, confidence levels

Reasons to use us

  • More productive workforce
  • Higher staff retention
  • Less sick days
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building with a difference!
  • Nutrition guidance to help maintain a healthy lifestyle both at work and home.
  • We can offer fitness instruction at your premises our ours

Team Building Events

Do you want to develop your team? Help develop your employee's working relationship? Better communication? Please contact us on 01992 266752 to discuss how AMOR-LC's team-building events can help your business.

AMOR-LC can provide a means of helping improve the Wellbeing of your Staff; and we take pleasure offering flexibility to come to your place of work or allow your workforce to come to our Headquarters. We have the facilities to train indoors or out whilst also the space to hold seminars.

To learn more or schedule a meeting to discuss some options, contact the office on 01992 266752 or complete the form on the this page..

Positive Energy + Team Building = Happy Employees! Happy place of work = More Productive Workers! Productive Personnel + Hitting Targets = Staff retention! Nutrition Seminars + Fitness Training = Stress Management = Improved Health = Less sick days to pay for!