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Welcome to AMOR-LC

Welcome to AMOR Lifestyle Coaching! A well-established Health & Fitness Company based in the South East of England with a unique ethos that invites and inspires the public to be a part of an environment that's often deemed daunting whilst also considered motivating - the 'Gym'. Our vision and our practice is quite simple: “To create an uplifting culture that supports good health; and encourages a community to join forces for an improved way of life… “From The Heart!”

The Team

The AMOR-LC team is built from a stellar crew of qualified professional instructors ready to teach, motivate and get help you achieve your health and fitness goals. To learn more about the individual instructors click on the button below to learn more. 


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What do Others Think?


"The AMOR-LC strapline of 'From The Heart!' totally encapsulates what Jim (Wright) is about in the provision of his lifestyle consultancy. He is totally professional, dedicated to his clients and is so motivational.

I am 4 weeks into a 12 week walking programme and when I'm having a tired' day Jim is there to drive me on to achieve my daily, weekly and ultimately my longer term goals. I'm walking everywhere, leaving the car at home and I feel happier and healthier for it."

Nic Blay, RBS - London

Boost your confidence

positiveWhether you want to feel more confident with your body, be confident if your lifestyle or learn to how to be more confident in groups we're here to help. There's no judgement at AMOR-LC, everyone is treated and respected as individuals and always made to feel you belong to the group. Whatever your personality or body shape we'll work with you to boost your confidence in all aspects of your life.

If you would like us to help make your life a happier and healthier one please get in touch, we regular work with people from young children to teenagers and adults. Age doesn't matter!

amorgiving At AMOR-LC we love to give something back, and we do this through our numerous charity events held throughout the year, supporting charities such as Teens Unit, British Heart Foundation, Little Angels Orphanage in Kenya and many more. The more the merrier too, so if you want to join in and help us support charities all over the work, please get in touch. To find out more about AMOR Giving and the events we've got lined up, click on the button below. Learn about Amor Giving

Get in Touch

If you would like to get in touch please use our quick contact form below to send us an email.